Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Non-Green3 Blog Topics

I haven’t had much to write about lately. My life has consisted of the constant flow of laundry, getting income taxes prepared, blizzard-like conditions and cat poop on the carpet. And seriously, who wants to read about that crap?

I have still had time to monitor other blogs though – ones I don’t normally read. I’ve run across a wide range of topics. While searching through them, I almost burst out laughing at some topics. Not because they were necessarily funny. They are just blog entries that you’ll never read about here at The Green 3.

So now I present you with a list blog headings that you will never read about here…

How to Organize Ribbons

How to Organize Extra Buttons.

Hell, How to Organize Anything

Homeschooling Tips
Don’t email me about this. I have strong opinions about homeschooling but I respect your opinion – even if I think you are dead wrong.

Ann Coulter Knows What She’s Talking About

Documentaries are For Dorks

I promise I’ll be back with a vengence for some good ‘ol fashion blogging. I’ve got my list of blog topics ready for next week’s Ultimate Blog Party,

Tomorrow’s my birthday, so could you send some love my way and post a comment on my blog? De-lurk for the love of my birthday!