Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ultimate Blog Party

So I’ll be participating in the Ultimate Blog Party, as you can see by that new button on the right. The rules state that I’m supposed to post that week about ME, which will be awesome because I’m sure everyone out there in blog world wants to know more about green3. But I’m torn about exactly what I can share that will make people love me and want to come back to my blog again and again and again and post all sorts of crazy comments.

Do I share about how I’m a Democrat who plans to campaign heartily for Hillary Clinton because I think she rocks? Don’t hate her because she’s a female who speaks her mind, folks. And speaking of that…

Will people love me if I tell them that this feels like my theme song these days?
I was born in the south
Sometimes I have a big mouth
When I see something that I don't like
I gotta say it

All true, and I was born south of Minneapolis. That’s what Sheryl Crow meant, right?

Will anyone have a “to be read” bookshelf in common with mine?
Arlington National Cemetary: Shrine to America’s Heroes
A Rose for Her Grave

Are there other bloggers out there who have used the online thesaurus to find a synonym for “whore”?

Yes, I’m sure I’ll meet some lovely new friends out there. If you want to join along, follow the link on the side and get yourself signed up.