Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Things I Won't Wear

So I'm kind of pissed that luvthebearcats came up with her own little meme and totally trashed my wardrobe. Now she's all, "Those are things that I won't wear, not necessarily things that other people shouldn't wear." Whatever. So here goes my list...

Skinny Jeans. No, I won't wear these...at least not on purpose. There are two reasons for this. Number 1, I'm not skinny. (Hence the comment "not on purpose".) And secondly, I think they make women's feet look a mile long. Like I need the added enhancement in THAT department!

Ankle-Length Pants. I think they are cute, but I can only wear full-length pants or capri/gauchos. If I wear ankle length, people just think my pants are too short.

Ginormous Sunglasses. The "Stupid Girls" (kudos to Pink) wear those big freaking glasses. What's up with that?

Mini-skirts. The last time I wore a mini skirt was a maternity dress I had. What the hell was I thinking? Obviously I didn't give a rat's ass about how I looked, since I appeared to be carrying a child in each thigh as well as my stomach.

Tattoos. (back at ya, ltb). First, I don't like needles. Second, I'm not inclined to do something to body that I may find gross a few years from now. And third, I mean I REALLY hate needles!

~~Side note~~ Apparently there is a person in town who is breaking into people's homes. It happened to someone I know last night. And that scares the hell out of me. So if my dog suddenly freaks out, then I am going to freak out. Unfortunately my dog won't attack anyone. He'll just jump all over them and welcome them to our home. I'm screwed.