Thursday, April 19, 2007

It's a MAJOR award!

“Only one thing in the world could prevent me from having the soft glow of electric sex gleaming on my sidebar…"

Oh my gosh. I’m so nervous. This is the big time, people. I could win, like, a MAJOR award!

Let me tell you the number one reason why I should win a MAJOR award. Take a look at my sidebar, people. I’ve been blogging my rear end off for months and so far, no award to put on my sidebar. Do you know how horribly pathetic that looks? All of my blogging friends have cute little awards they’ve won for their various posts. I’ve even nominated someone for an award. But what about little ole me? While I would hate to say that the main reason I blog is for comments (take notice, you lurkers!) and awards, what other reason is there? I mean, c’mon.

If I won the MAJOR award, I would take such good care of it. I would treat it with respect because I know how fra-gee-lay it is. I would stay on my sidebar forevah!

I seriously doubt that any of you could beat me out for the MAJOR award, but if you’re willing to take on the battle, head on over to Life is Like a Lunchbox and find out all the details.