Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Shhhhh...Don't Spoil It For the Rest of Them

Boy do I have some American Idol news for you.

I have some first-hand knowledge of what is in the American Idol contracts that are given to the contestants. A person I know was part of the group that “went to Hollywood” last season. There is a line in their contracts that states that the person who is removed from the show each week is not necessarily the person who receives the least amount of votes.

Now I'm not a complete idiot, regardless of what others say. I know there is some background mumbo jumbo going on for all of these reality shows. No network is going to throw millions behind a show and just leave the results to chance. But now I have confirmation, baby!

You think it was a coincidence that Sanjaya stayed on until right before the final 6? And how he was never in the bottom three until the night he got kicked out? You know the producers stepped in and said, “If this idiot wins this competition, our show is so doomed!” So out he went. And thank god.