Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I Got a $455.00/Month Raise Today

Today is a great day. Pool Boy (formerly known as DH or Hubs) wrote a check for $2,200. Normally if he wrote a check for that amount, I would be totally pissed. But today I’m was past excited. We paid off the Pool Boy truck!

So now our debt consist of only three things: our home (necessary), my car (necessary) and the pool (couldn’t be more unnecessary).

And now for a bit of blogkeeping…

Here are some new blogs you need to check out:

Life in the Castle – Head over there and welcome J to the blog world! She has two adorable girls and I promise you’ll get a kick out of them.

I’m a Beerkat – She is a beerkat, and is apparently proud of that.

Jarhead Corner – I except big things from this guy.

Life in the Cubicle – This is Dad Gone Mad, cubicled. Awesome

I have updated my blog roll, as I AM SURE you have noticed. I’m not sure I’m so excited about the blogroll getting that large. How am I supposed to keep up with everyone? Anyway, I’ve sorted them by IRL (in real life) blogs and non-IRL blogs. Go visit them and make sure you tell them I sent you their way.