Thursday, June 28, 2007

Money and Camping

Tonight I had planned to go all "Dave Ramsey" on Pool Boy, but instead we blew money on going out to eat . I think there's something wrong with that. Anyhoo, we didn't have our kids with us tonight and we always celebrate that by doing something crazy and wild, like eating and going to Target. Which brings us to our next topic...

We are going camping tomorrow night. Unfortunately we are not camper-types so we have no equipment. A Target trip was in order. We got to the air mattress aisle and proceeded to pick up the cheapest ones they had. Then Pool Boy summoned a Target worker and asked, "Do you have any other stuff we might need for camping?" Pros, I tell you. Camping pros.

So we left Target with two air mattresses, a wedding card, a Snickers bar, an 18 pack of eggs, toothpaste, and hand wipes. I think we are now well-prepared for a night of roughing it.