Thursday, June 28, 2007

PhotoShop Virgin

As if I didn’t already have enough things to do, now I’ve got PhotoShop loaded on my laptop. I haven’t even opened the program yet for fear of being sucked into the black hole of severe time wasting.

All of my pictures from the past few years are on my laptop and my old PC, which is now in the hands of 3. I need to take some serious action and get these babies stored in a more official manner. Now I’m afraid, though, that I will need to edit each and every picture over the past few years, therefore prolonging my picture organization by several decades. I’m picturing my family at my funeral: lovely bouquets surrounding the picture table. But instead of pictures, there are 4 hard drives and my digital camera sitting on the table.

So send me your cool links to PhotoShop sites. Or your PhotoShop tips and tricks. I’m all ears inbox.