Friday, June 22, 2007

Yeah! A Meme!

Finally! Something to write about. gawd...

Chili tagged me for a local restaurante meme. Here are the rules:

  1. Link to name of person that tagged you.
  2. Include state and country you live in.
  3. List top 5 favorite local restaurants
  4. Tag 5 other people and let them know they've been tagged.

Alrighty then.

I was tagged by the blogmighty Chilihead.

I live in Iowa, which is in the United States in case you didn't know.

I live in a small town, so I'll call Ames "local" since it's pretty close. The last entry is from Jefferson, though.

Hickory Park - This is a locally owned bbq place. It's known for the ribs, but I think eating ribs are a waste of time. My favorites are the Saucy Southerner, French Dip and Patty Melt. But if you are going, and you rarely get there, you MUST save room for desserts because they rock. I must leave a disclaimer here - I worked here in college. And no I don't get any kickbacks for promoting them.

West Street Deli - This is a small deli on the west side of Iowa State's campus. I'm hating myself for not finding this place while I was in college. They throw your sandwich together and then grill it on one of those fancy panini grill thingys. It's so yummy!

Downtown Deli - An Ames sandwich landmark. Always good for a reasonably priced sub, but they don't take debit cards yet. That's the only downside. But they DO have Pepsi products so that cancels out the debit card thing.

Battle's BBQ - Another bbq place, but this one is...well...more of a real BBQ place. I could eat their Texas Toast all day long.

Excuses - I'll give this place a plug since they are new. This is actually in Jefferson, but their pizza is awesome. The crust has honey butter dripping off it, and who wouldn't want that? Subs are good too.

I'll tag Iowa Mom (no fast food, Iowa Mom!), luvthebearcats (cause she doesn't have anything better to do), Life in the Castle (cupcakes from scratch? your killing us!), Blonde Chick Bloggin (sorry, I know you are trying to lose weight and don't need to talk about restaurants), and Nancy (because she's in the DC area and I want to know where to go next time I'm there).