Friday, July 06, 2007

I'll Give This One a "Whoa" and a "I Don't Think So!"

Thanks, Toni. Today you made me take a second glance and say WTF?

Before proceeding, check out softcup.

Back? K.

And did you say to yourself WTF???

Here are my issues with this:

Like a tampon isn’t bad enough. Who wants to deal with this mess?

Issue 1: Clean sex? Hey, that’s my monthly “vacation”! I ain’t giving that up.

Issue 2: I’m concerned about removal steps. How the heck do you remove that thing without making a huge, gross mess? C’mon. It says I can leave it in for 12 hours. Twelve hours of menstrual period built up and sitting in a cup. Grossed out? So am I. And now I’ve got to fetch the thing out of there and somehow dispose of it without spilling. The instructions say “you may want to remove it in the shower in case of spillage.” Yeah, I bet.

Issue 3: The website has some testimonials. One from a nudist. Apparently nothing screams I AM HAVING MY PERIOD than wearing your swimsuit bottoms on a nudist beach. So ok, this is the only situation where I see this would come in handy. Ok, so I promise next time I am on a nudist beach during my period, I will wear one of these.

Hi I have been using INSTEAD® for about 4 years now and I love it. I am a nudist and no one at the resort knows when it's my time of the month. No string hanging out like I see on other women or wearing the bathing suit bottoms for the pad. My boyfriend never even knows. I think you should promote you product in the nudist's resorts. I think a lot of woman would give them a try!

Issue 4: No freakin way will I ever try this.

Issue 5: How many pervs are going to arrive at my blog because of the words I’ve had to use in this post?

Your thoughts, please.