Thursday, August 16, 2007

Good and Bad, but Mostly Good

Good: Pool Boy knows my stance on money now. He got a phone call the other day (for those of you who know him, I know that seems odd that he would get a phone call) and I heard him say, "Really! Is it loaded?" Well, I know the term "loaded" and I know it can cost me a lot of money. Later that night I asked him who had called him earlier. He said it was a local car dealer who knew we used to drive a very large, very expensive SUV. He had one on the lot that would be "great" for us. I asked PB why he didn't mention it to me. He replied, "Right. I knew better than to even bring that up to you." Back in our pre-frugal days, we would have jumped in the car to go see it. I'm rubbing off on him!

Bad: I'm recovering from a 2-week illness. It was horrible. I stopped the Zicam early. Don't do that.

Good: I was cleaning up one of our popular "clutter" piles and ran across a check we received for a Christmas gift for $200!

Bad: I should be in bed right now. After all, I'm still healing!

Good: The $200 will be used to purchase new shoes for PB, and the other $100 will be going toward debt.

Bad: I currently have 60 unread posts in my bloglines account. Problem is, I want to read them all. I've gotten myself into quite a dilemma with all of the frugal blogs I subscribe to now.

Good: I got paid for some work I did for a relative. That will be sent directly to debt! Awesome!

Have a great weekend, friends!