Thursday, August 16, 2007

Talent Doesn't Mean Success

Every morning on my way to work, I listen to Dave Ramsey's podcast from the previous day (or in this case, dayS since I've been sick). Today I heard him talking about talent and success.

What separates the talented people from the successful people is a lot of hard work. You can be talented, have 2 or 3 degrees in an area, have background experience, etc., but if you don't work hard then it means nothing.

If you just work hard, you'll be more successful than 80% of the population. That's right - he claims 80% of people today are slackers when it comes to their job/career/ entrepreneurial pursuits. And if you work hard AND read books about personal development or about your line of work, you'll be more successful than 95% of the population. Isn't that amazing? Only 5% of the population puts that much effort into being successful!

So don't tell me about all of your talents and degrees. Tell me what you are going to do with it because that's really all that matters.