Thursday, September 13, 2007

I Want My Two Dollars Back!

I really haven’t been “shopping” since the whole frugal thing took over. I used to be a regular shopper, running to the mall if I felt like a new shirt or something, and then usually finding a few other things to buy while I was there.

Today I had to go to the mall for something specific, so after I got that I decided to walk through some stores. The first store I went in to, it hit me that I had not been shopping for myself since July, when this whole thing started. And it felt strange. I left the store.

I walked by another store and noticed their jeans were 50% off. So I went in. Again, it felt strange. I left that store too.

I next walked to the cookie store because I’ve been pretty good at budgeting and eating right lately, so I thought I deserved a treat. I ordered my cookie and started digging out change. I found three quarters – surely enough to cover it. “That will be $2.00, please,” the lady said. I about choked. TWO BUCKS FOR A COOKIE? I sat in my car, cringing at the thought of eating a two dollar cookie. But I enjoyed it because I knew it would be the last time I’d eat a two dollar cookie.

Will I never feel comfortable shopping again?