Thursday, September 13, 2007

Green3 Chores

Cousin Melanie is hosting a Chore Carnival today so because we’re blood relatives I feel obligated to participate. Love ya, Chili!!

We don’t have set chores at our house. There are two main reasons why:

1. I’m not that organized. Probably never will be, either.

2. They are busy enough as it is to also have set chores to do around the house. For example, here is our schedule this week, all having to be done after a full day of school, remember:

Three – soccer practice

Three – football practice

Three – church choir
Green – soccer practice
Green – football practice

Three – soccer practice
Three – football practice

Family – local high school football game

College football game

Both boys – Sunday school and church
Three – football game
Green – football game
Three – soccer game

Add on top of that homework time and play time. They just have full time jobs being kids. I don’t think it’s fair to have daily chores for them to do as well.

That being said, they are not without general household duties. When I need something done, I can ask them and they usually do it without too much complaining. These tasks can be setting the table, cleaning off the table after supper, picking up the living room, cleaning their rooms, putting their laundry away, etc. But these aren’t “scheduled” tasks. They just do them when I ask them to. They are always put in charge of getting their own dishes to the counter and for being in charge of their school backpacks.

As for allowance, we’ve been pretty lazy about giving allowance. We started it at one point and then slowly forgot about it. We do need to get that started again. When we were giving it, we would give a dollar for their age (e.g. Three got $10 and Green got $7).