Sunday, September 09, 2007

iPod Resolution

Some of you wondered if Three actually knew about the iPod, and if not, why were we going to get him one. Yes, we did give it to him. After we gave it to him, I tried to get it to work with iTunes and it would not. So I returned it (and the one I had ordered for Green) and got my money back. So I felt obligated to get him a replacement. Sucker? Maybe.


I took Three to Target today to get him a Shuffle. They are regularly $79.99. He picked a blue one, so I asked the counter guy to fetch it for me. He pulled out two of them and said, "Well, this one was a return so it's $50.00, or you can have the new one for $80." I could have jumped on top of my red cart and yelled, "GIVE ME THE USED ONE!"

I've been keeping a Target gift card in my wallet since February. The value was $30.00 and it was a birthday present for me. I had been holding on to it until I found something just for me. Obviously I had not found anything yet that I felt I really needed, so I used it today for the iPod.

So, my friends, today I bought my son an iPod for $20.00.