Tuesday, September 11, 2007

It's Mom's Turn

There are time when I wish I was anonymous so that I could post whatever I wanted to on my blog. For example, sometimes I want to talk about people's trashy tattoos, but I can't because they read my blog. I don't want to make certain people feel bad.

Iowa Mom knows exactly what I'm talking about. She's started a new site called Mom's Turn. This site allows you to submit posts to her and she will post them anonymously. How sweet is that?

So go on, ladies - VENT! And if you help her promote her new site, you could, like win stuff. I'm all about winning free stuff.

Ummmm....yeah. I know the image is not showing but I'm sick of working on it. So there. Links work, and there is an image on the right side that works (scroll down a bit). Later.