Monday, October 29, 2007

I Want Spend-Free Days!

I’ve been wanting to have “no spend” days on my blog and maybe invite you to join me in the fun. Every day that I didn’t spend any money, I’d post a fun logo on my blog and I’d sit back and think “ahhhhh”. But I’m finding that I don’t have any spend-free days. Even on my strict budget, I’m still spending money every single day.

Today, for example, Three needed to purchase a basketball jersey for his basketball league. He’ll use it through 8th grade so it’s not a waste of money, but he still had to purchase it. That cost $20. And I needed Halloween candy for tonight, so I spent $6.00 on that.

Tomorrow won’t be any different because we are at the school’s book fair and books are our family’s very favorite thing – especially when it benefits the school. Plus, I’ll be at a client meeting tomorrow during the day and will need to purchase lunch. And I need to buy a birthday present for a slumber party Three is invited to on Thursday.

I thought there was going to be hope on Thursday, but no such luck. I have my final appt for my new trial contacts so then I’ll be able to order a set. So that REALLY won’t be a spend-free day.

What about you? Do you have any spend-free days?