Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunday Evening Randomness...

I’m so excited to get to the end of this month to find out how much money we have left over to pay toward debt. I’m looking forward to calculating my final numbers and it looks like this is going to be our most successful month yet! It mostly has to do with the extra paycheck being included in this month’s numbers. But we also were extremely good about watching the money we spent.

And here are some things that may help in the next couple of months:

Three is dedicated to playing the saxophone and I was all ready to shell out the $1700 for the brand new sax because we could not locate a used one we found acceptable. Tonight we spoke to a music teacher who told us we could get one for half that amount and he’s going to help us find it. So if it all goes as planned, we will have saved around $850.00.

Pool Boy is slowly coming around. He broke the news to me today that he has finally realized that his brand new Snapper zero-turn mower is, well, ridiculous. Ok, he didn’t use the word ridiculous but that’s what he meant. We listed it on Craigslist tonight so we’ll keep our fingers crossed that this baby sells. That will save us $2400, which is how much we still owe on it.

I have some companies who have contacted me for some contract work and I expect to start that in November and hopefully get some more work over the winter. Sounds like some late nights for me this winter, but that’s ok if it helps us reach our goals!

We’ve finished up the swimming pool business for the year, so we will sit down in the next week or so and review the books to see where we ended up. We were fortunate enough to have a successful year. Pool Boy worked hard this spring, summer and fall and it paid off. (Don’t worry, PB, I won’t post any figures!) And he was able to do that and also have the boys with him all summer so we did not have daycare. There were many days when we thought we were juggling too much, but it will all pay off when we are debt-free!

Off to a busy week full of school conferences, trick or treating, working at the school book fair, charity volleyball game, two early out days, one day without school and school board workshop.

Have a great week!