Monday, December 31, 2007

How I Keep Motivated

Once in a great while I hit a roadblock where I think to myself, “I’m so tired of thinking about budgeting and money!” Granted, those roadblocks don’t last very long, but I can see how some people would grow weary of it. I do several things to keep myself motivated toward our goal.

Dave Ramsey Podcasts
I subscribe to Dave’s site,, so I can download podcasts of Dave’s radio show. I listen to this every day on the way to work, over my lunch hour, and on the way back home. Listening to his callers just reminds me that I never want to be in their shoes.

Online Bank Acccount Access
I log into my bank accounts every day. Having an active interest in our accounts just keeps me excited about it. Excited about bank accounts, you ask? Yes – excited!

Online Loan Access
I have online access to our car loan and HELOC. I’ve been watching the car balance drop quite dramatically over the past few months, and it’s awesome.

Right now our HELOC balance isn’t changing because we are only paying the interest each month. Looking at that stagnant balance really makes me mad, so I know once we get our car loan paid off, we’ll go full steam ahead on the line of credit!

I have all of Dave’s books. I’ve read The TMMO twice. I also have the audio version of it, and I’ve listened to that once, so I’ve gone through it a total of 3 times. That information never gets old to me. If you don’t like to read but are wanting to get started, the audio version rocks. Dave reads it himself.

Comments from fellow people working off their debt, reading blogs about people getting out of debt, remind me that I’m on the right track – no matter what others say. Just a few short years from now I can tell them, “Remember when you were laughing at my plan? Who is laughing now?”

The Future
I want to be one of those people who is able to leave a $100 tip to a waitress on Christmas Eve. I want to be able to help kids who don’t get a Christmas. I want to guide other people through their own Total Money Makeover. I want to retire young. I want to travel with my family. I want to send my kids to college without having them go into debt. I want my kids to live their lives without debt, by learning from us.

And it will happen. I know it will.

May your 2008 be full of blessings and financial peace!

798. They should know that if they start saving in their 20s, they only have to regularly put aside 10% of their income to accumulate all the money they’ll need for retirement.