Monday, January 28, 2008

Yes or No?

Debt reduction is not without its troubles. And here is one of my “troubles”.

We love to ski, we love visiting our relatives, we love vacations, and we love Colorado. And we have a free place to stay if we go (my brother lives there). And possibly discounted ski lift tickets. And this is the first year Green has learned how to ski. And on black diamonds. (they are Iowa black diamonds, but still). And we promised Green we’d go to Colorado if he learned how to ski. So he learned. And your kids are little only once. And this will create more memories for their childhood. And we can get there via Amtrak for a mere $550, as opposed to $2000 for airline tix. And we would love an adventure on Amtrak, because it’s a TRAIN! And Three adored trains when he was little. And we could go over Pool Boy’s spring break so he wouldn’t have to take any days without pay.

BUT…we are trying to work down our debt at racing speed. And we already have a trip planned to Florida in June – which we already have the cash set aside for.

This month I could easily set aside cash to pay for the whole Colorado trip. We’ve done an awesome job not spending any money this month. After setting aside that money, I would still have plenty of extra to send to the car.

Should we stay or should we go?