Wednesday, March 12, 2008

How Wii Got It For $75.00

I know, I know. We didn’t NEED a Wii. We resisted the urge to buy a Wii at Christmas, when everyone else was getting one. We listened to all of our friends say how much they loved their Wii. But we new there was no way we were going to pay full price for one.

For my birthday, I got some cash. I like to spend my birthday money on fun stuff rather than debt, because I never buy things for myself like I used to. I used a little bit of it to buy a book. I still had $50 left over.

I also had a $25 Target gift card from her that I hadn’t spent yet.

On the same day I received my birthday money, I found some money we’d received for Christmas that we hadn’t spent yet - $100.

So we put the $175 toward the Wii and only had to pay $75 out of pocket! We did end up buying an additional remote, so there was a little more spent. We haven’t bought any additional games, since the bowling, tennis and baseball are keeping us entertained for now. The boys have used their own money to rent some games.

By resisting the urge to buy it when it was hot, we saved a ton of money. Wii Rock!