Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday Night

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by to read my story about Dad. There were so many of you who were here today - almost 200 readers. It really helps to know that people out there care about me, my family, and most importantly, my dad.

We are hurting more than we ever dreamed possible.

Today was odd. I stopped by his office (which is also my office) to get some pictures from his desk. That was horrible, as those of who you witnessed it know. I'm glad I went, though.

After that visit, I didn't cry again today. I'm feeling a little guilty about that, but I also know that nothing is "normal". It all sucks, and whatever we do is the right thing.

As I told a co-worker today, my mom and I are really interested to hear how people found out about Dad's death. It sounds so wrong and morbid, but for some reason it comforts us. If you are so inclined, you can send me an email privately at And if it's a personal thing for you and you'd rather not share, I totally get that.

I hope to write down exactly what happened and share it with all of you. Mostly because my dad hated rumors and would want the truth to be known. Secondly, I need to document it for our family. The story and the months/weeks leading up to his death are truly amazing.

Loving you and missing you, Dad.