Monday, May 05, 2008

Reading Statistic

One of the statistics Dave Ramsey shared with the audience on Saturday shocked me:

70% of Americans have not read a non-fiction book since their formal education days.

I personally believe that knowledge is power. I have my own personal library at my house (thanks, mom and grandparents!) and there are hundreds of books on my shelves. Among those hundreds of books, you will probably find less than 10 fiction books.

I’m not against fiction books because I think they are important too. I just don’t have many. My library is focused on personal development books – books that will help me become a better person. They may be about goal-setting, goal-achieving, learning about the mutual funds, keeping up your mental health, biographies, and of course, personal finance.

You go first! In my next post, I’ll share with you what my favorite non-fiction books are. But first, tell me what your favorites are. Only rules are that is has to be non-fiction and that it won’t make readers blush. Let’s hear em!

Readers are Leaders