Thursday, June 19, 2008

Happy 40th Birthday, Pool Boy!

Dear Pool Boy –

I failed to mention you on my Father’s Day blog post. Thank you for knowing that I needed to dedicate that one to my own Dad this year.

Since June 20 is a big birthday for you, I’ll dedicate this post to you and let you know how much you are appreciated as a father.

I think finding qualities you want for a spouse is just as important as finding qualities you want in a father for your kids. I always knew you would be excellent for both roles.

I love the fact that I’m married to a teacher. This has allowed you to be with the kids every summer since they’ve been born. I know there were rough years in there when you were dealing with a 9-month old baby and a 3-year-old boy. Yikes! That could not have been easy and there are many men who would not have done this. Our boys are so lucky that you took on this job with very little complaining. And now, even though there are days filled with television, no bathing and McDonalds, our boys are still lucky to be with you for the summer.

I appreciate the lessons the boys are learning from you. They have witnessed what a hard worker you are and have hopefully learned what it takes to be successful. Due to your desire to help people, they are seeing how important it is to volunteer your time and how rewarding it can be. You have volunteered for almost every sport they’ve been involved with and NOT because you are a helicoptor parent – you do it because you know how important it is to all the kids involved, not just your own.

You are teaching our boys how important family time is. You never balk at spending time with the boys and will always gladly give up “adult time” to hang out with the two of them.

Our boys are learning how to have fun thanks to you. They know it’s ok to fart and burp even though it makes their Mom mad - they know Dad will still laugh with them. They know “naughty words” and giggle like crazy when they hear them, yet know very well that they are never allowed to say them. They have learned that it’s ok to eat junk food, even right before a meal. They have learned to not be uptight and that it’s ok to sometimes not follow the rules, much to my dismay…

You are loved. You are appreciated. We are very lucky to have you in our family.

Hugs –
Me, Three and Green