Monday, June 23, 2008

It's Different Now

I having trouble with the whole blog thing. Ever since Dad died, this blog has seemed so unimportant. Over the past three months, my priorities have been thrown up into the air and came down to land in a different place. I mean, you should see the exercising I'm doing, the whole grains I'm eating, and most importantly, the family time I'm doing. Life is a bit different. This blog is pretty far down on the list of "important things".

For awhile I was reading only books about death, grief, Heaven, near-death experiences, etc. I think it was necessary for me to do that, but now I'm done focusing on Dad's actual death and am celebrating his life and the values he taught me. I know I'm doing what he would want me to do - be happy and make sure my kids are happy.

I'm currently reading Pivot, by Dr. Alan Zimmerman. It's amazing, and could be life-changing for some readers. The book is all about how to change your attitude so that you can be happy and successful. Just a simple thing like having a positive attitude can totally change your life. If you voice negativity and listen to negativity, your attitude will also be negative. What kind of life do you think you'll have if you fill it up with negative thoughts?

I plan my next book to be back to finances, so hopefully those money-related posts will come back into my head and this blog can get back to normal. For now, it is what it is.