Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Peter Griffin, Motley Crue, and Sue

Immediately after shutting down my laptop last night, I realized the problem with this blog. I need humor, and this blog had turned so…well…serious.

I’m still reading financial and personal development books and I’ll share those tidbits with you now and then. I’ll definitely keep you updated on our debt reduction plan and you’ll be the third people to know when we become debt free. But this blog is going back to the REAL me. As in…

We’ll be making fun of luvthebearcats’ height.

We’ll keep wandering over to momof4greatkids to see if she’s ever going to post another entry.

We’ll be pondoring deep thoughts of Peter Griffin.

We’ll be posting pictures. (Here’s a lesson, JG. Never accidentally email pictures of yourself to someone who has a blog.)

I’ll tell you about things I’m TIVO-ing, like when Motley Crue was on Larry King Live the other night. In case you are not aware, Nikki Sixx is the most beautiful person in the music industry.

And stuff like that. So hang around. We’re going to have flippin’ fun time because it’s my blog and I can do whatever I want to do! GOSH! (bonus points for you if you read that last sentence using the right tone of voice…)