Sunday, June 29, 2008

This Template and Conversation at my Back Door

You are probably well aware that my template is a work-in-progress. I'm not responsible for where the links on the borders of this page may take you, so beware.

Now, to the conversation. Some college kids have college jobs that require them to go to communities to sell educational books and CD. One such student came to my back door last week. The conversation went something like this.

Him: Hi. I'm so-and-so. Do you have a few minutes?

Me: No.

Him: I only have 5 minutes and I get credit for showing this to you.

Me: Whatever. Go ahead. I'm not buying anything, though.

Him: (Explains how wonderful these books are. How could my child possibly be successful without the handiness of these books?)

Me: So...all the information is basically handed to him instead of him having to research for the answer himself?

Him: It will save your child so much time. Think of how much his grades will improve if he can spend less time searching for the answer!

Me: My son is a straight-A student. I'm not worried about his grades improving.

Him: Well, we have a CD version as well. It's only $99.00. (Explains how wonderful the CDs are.) Do you think your kids would like them?

Me: They're fine, but I'm not buying anything.

Him: Is the $99.00 price the problem?

Me: No, I can afford $99.00.

Him: We allow the payment the be broken down into three payments of $33.00, if that helps you out. Many families in this community have taken advantage of that because it allows them to spread the payments out to make it more affordable. What do you think of that?

Me: What do I think of THAT? I think if someone needs to put these on a payment plan in order to afford them, the last thing they need to be buying are your CDs.

Him: Heh. Ok, then. Thanks for your time.