Monday, June 16, 2008

What Happens in May, Stays in May

Or at least I hope so. Very little extra money, like only $150 or so, was sent toward our debt in May. When you throw a $1700 dog surgery in there it tends to put a dent in your budget. We were determined not to pull any money out of our savings account to pay for Buster's surgery so we used our "mattress money" instead. Luckily I had set some additional money aside to buy a new mattress set but hadn't purchased it yet. Mattresses can wait. Torn ACLs, from what the vet tells me, cannot.

Will June treat us any better? We went on vacation, but already had all of that money set aside so that doesn't affect this month's budget. But there's Father's Day. Then there is PB's birthday. And our town's celebration. Eh...keep those expenses low, Green3 family! Your mother/wife will go into convulsions if we skip sending big checks to debt two months in a row!