Monday, July 14, 2008

DR for Dummies

I don't know how Dave Ramsey can take these calls day after day without freaking out. Last week a lady called in with this scenario:

Annual Salary - $75,000
Mortgage - $325,000
Car Payments - $1000 (monthly)

She was scared out of her mind because she was falling behind on payments. Really? You don't need Dave Ramsey to know that these numbers don't calculate out.

Another one for you: A caller had a vehicle that got bad gas mileage. She wanted to sell it to purchase a car with better gas mileage, but the new car would cost her an additional $5,000. Total miles driven each year was about 4,000. Dave told her, "It makes absolutely no sense to go buy that car!" She sheepishly said, "Oh. It doesn't?"

I can't believe some of these people have even heard of Dave Ramsey with the stupid questions they ask.