Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Missing Me?

Wow has summer been brutal on us! Yes, SK and JC, BRUTAL!

Let's see, what have I been up to...

There was the family reunion with TONS of people in attendance.

Dad would be shocked at the First Annual DL Memorial Golf Tournament was put on by us, his golf-idiot family, this past Sunday. But hopefully he would not be shocked by the fact that we were somewhat successful at it. Really, we just know the right people to ask for help.

Immediately after the golf tournament, RAGBRAI went through. (Sorry, if you don't know what RAGBRAI is, I'm not explaining it to you here.) Pool Boy, with his addiction to volunteering his time, was a busy busy man.

This weekend Pool Boy's sister is getting married. Family is arriving tomorrow at our house and staying until Sunday. We are hosting a get-together at our house tomorrow night, which means we spent all last night and tonight cleaning.

I'll be back soon!