Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Elephant Plug-In

Buster the dog has been very busy stinking. I mean, BAD. He likes to roll in smelly stuff and apparently he found the mother load. Sincere apologies to anyone who ventures near my house this weekend...

which is ok because I won't be here anyway. Remember? The family thing. Tomorrow there are teams, challenges, and I think athletic ability is required. That means everyone will probably be fighting to have me on their team. For those of you who don't know me IRL, you can be assured that it is TOTALLY true. I'm sporty.

I don't know what my official relationship is to the children of my cousins. Anyone? Are we second cousins or is there some removal business going on? Dang those kids are cute. Everytime a little one walked by, I caught myself saying, "He/She is soooo cute!" Then Green walked by, and I yelled, "Oh...that one is REALLY cute!" I received a roll of the eyes on that one, but it's so true.

Have you noticed that I've used CAPITAL letters a lot in this post? I'm bothered by them, yet I have to use them so you will read the sentences EXACTLY the same as they sound in my head.

Is anyone going to leave me a comment, or you are mad at me because you are jealous of the awesome design of my blog?

I have to throw in a money note here. I've got $1855.00 set aside for air conditioner/furnace purchase should the need arise. I can hear the heloc yelling from uptown, "GIVE ME THAT MONEY!" (see? more caps!), but no. I'm pretty sure the need will be arising any day now so I need to get prepared.

Enough randomness.