Friday, August 01, 2008

July = Broke

July was our worst month in the past year, budget-wise. We spent a LAWT of money – went way over budget. Summer tends to do that to us. Here’s a rundown of where all the extra money went this month:

Vet bill, Pool Boy’s sister’s wedding (PB and boys were in wedding, plus gifts), truck repairs, fall soccer registrations, Dad’s memorial golf tournament, ½ beef and ½ pork purchases, family reunion expenses, oven repairs, and a new grill (old one flew out the back of our truck).

PB had plans for our family last night – we didn’t go* because we are over budget. We have plans for tonight – may not go* because we are over budget. It’s ridiculous to spend that much money.

*Ok, ok, so we also aren’t going to these things because of MY BACK! I’m on the couch until the chiro work kicks in. But still. I’m tired of spending that much money!

Our whole family has agreed on the reward at the end of our debt reduction plan. Once we are debt free except for the house, we are going on a cruise! We anticipate that happening within the next 12 months, plus we’ll need a few additional months to save up cash for the cruise. It’s fun to have everyone on board because now each time they ask to buy something I can say, “But what about the cruise?” Gets ‘em every time.