Thursday, August 21, 2008


I don't talk politics around here too much, but it's VP time! Obama has picked his VP, he says, but won't give a name yet.

Joe Biden - Has anyone ever seen this guy smile?

Bill Nelson - Well, this just cracks me up for reasons only a few of you will understand. I guess I had no idea he was interested in the job.

Evan Bayh - Maybe, although it's just another strange name we have to get used to.

Hillary - President? Yes. Vice President? No.

Tom Vilsack - Would be cool, but wouldn't fly. Nobody knows him except us Iowans.

Caroline Kennedy - I've only seen her name mentioned once but this would be a winning ticket. She's my pick, but why on earth would she want it?

Personally, I think Republicans blew it this election. McCain? Seriously? I could be persuaded to vote Republican because some of my views are *gasp* conservative but John McCain? No, just no.