Thursday, September 04, 2008

Busy Season

If you happened to stop by my house on any given evening, it would be clearly obvious that our household is in the midst of Busy Season. Or maybe it wouldn't, since I would let you in the door. I would take picture examples for your entertainment, but I have no idea where my camera is. Most likely at the bottom of one of the 4 bags I have with me at all times. And mostly without charged batteries.

Every year this happens to us. School starts, sports starts, and nothing else gets done. Let's take tonight, for example, shall we?

  1. Leave work right at 5:00.
  2. As I'm in the car, call 3 and tell him if he expects to last through soccer practice he better find something to eat before I get home. And did Green get home from football? Ok, good.
  3. Pull into the driveway at 5:30. Run inside to grab the kids and "Did you eat something, 3? and "I'm hungry too, mom!" and "You're going to have to wait, Green. I don't have time to feed you."
  4. Get back in the car and drive 3 to his soccer practice in a different town.
  5. Make a "Seriously, mom! I am so hungry!" stop at Subway for Green. (Yes, I know. We ate out!)
  6. Drive back to our town because Green's soccer uniform pickup only lasts until 7:00. Of course.
  7. Get a phone call from a friend who has kids same age as my kids. Apparently there is an "after school" issue that needed addressed. Hung up the phone and addressed it. Thanks, KT - we parents have to be on the same team!
  8. Drove back to the other town to pick up 3.
  9. Stopped at Subway again because 3 thought he needed an actual meal.
  10. Started to head back home. "Do you guys have any homework?"
  11. Do I! Do you? Do I? Do you? Do I? Do you?
  12. Sat the troops down to the table. "Get your backpacks out."
  13. Green. Where is your backpack?
  14. Get back in the car and head to the elementary school. Look through the dark for a black backpack that was left behind after football practice.
  15. Get everyone sat down to the table. Homework, homework, homework.
  16. Green, have you practiced your piano this week? No? Get over there.
  17. Ok, kids. We're late getting to bed. Let's go!
  18. Package the Ramsey books that I promised to ship out two days ago. Sorry new friends. They are going out tomorrow for sure.
  19. And now, the blog.

Notice there are not words like "dusting" or "closet organizing" or "putting laundry away" on that list. That's how we roll this time of year.