Monday, November 10, 2008

Fill Your Mind

As you can see on my sidebar, I'm currently reading Half Time: Changing Your Game Plan from Success to Significance. I just read a paragraph that I think it worth sharing because it is so true.

Author Bob Buford says,

"One way or another, our minds will be filled with something. I shudder to think of what kind of person I would be today if I had given myself a steady diet of talk shows, soap operas, tabloid journalism and the like."
His point is to make sure that you are continuing to learn new skills and ideas that will make you a better person and make your life more successful. If you consistently fill your head with the garbage mentioned above and never take time to learn a new skill, focus on where your life is headed, and make changes to things that may be wrong in your life, where will you end up? As the saying goes, "Garbage in, garbage out."