Sunday, November 09, 2008

It Arrived Today

It's funny, the things you think of in the midst of the worst ordeal of your life.

In those first few days after Dad's death, one thought kept coming into my mind. "Damn. The email will arrive and it will shatter me when it does." Well, today it arrived.

My Dad was a book lover. He was always had at least one book in progress. It's a trait I was lucky to inherit.

For his birthday, I always bought him Amazon gift certificates. While some people make think that's a boring blah gift, I really think he loved them. Granted, he had all the money he needed to buy the books he wanted but I still think he enjoyed getting "free" money to spend on books. As some of you may know, Amazon will send you a reminder when certain days are coming up. I had it set up to remind me about Dad's birthday so I would make sure to have his gift certificate ready for him.

Today the email arrived.

"Dad's birthday is coming in 7 days, November 16."