Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hey! She's Posting Again!

When I’m not feeling well, I shower and dress – but that’s pretty much it. I have sympathy for those who have to look at me with air-dried hair and no make-up (sorry family) and for those who stop by unannounced (that’s your own fault, CC).

I made it through my Dad’s birthday on Sunday but mostly because I was asleep on the couch for most of the day. When I was awake, I was holding my head in misery. Maybe it was Dad’s way of saying, “See? You’ve got your own life to deal with. Stop obsessing about mine.”

On the money front, things are looking good for November. There was only one unexpected expense this month to the amount of $190.00. That’s considerably better than the new tires I had to buy last month. I’m always amazed at how rapidly the $4.00 here and $12.00 there reduces our debt. The lower the balance goes, the more intense we get about paying off the debt. I’ve never revealed the initial balance of our debt. When it comes down to our “debt free announcement” day, I’ll share it with you. I think you’ll be horrified at what we were facing just 18 months ago, as well as amazed that we were able to turn that situation around and become debt-free. But most importantly, along with being horrified and amazed, I hope you’ll be just a tad bit inspired. After all, that’s why I share all of this with you.

I’m already busy shopping for Christmas presents. As I’ve said in the past, Christmas shopping is more fun for me now because I’m not worried about how much I’m spending. One of Pool Boy’s side jobs (one of the many...) totally pays for Christmas, so we have the money set aside in a different bank account. What a nice gift that is to ourselves to not have our monthly budget screwed up because of a holiday!