Friday, November 21, 2008

Ten Dollar Sale is Back!

The ten dollar sale is back! If you have not read The Total Money Makeover and/or do not have a strong handle on your personal finances, spend the measly $10 and buy his book...TODAY. This ten dollar investment will save you thousands - and will change your life.
Don't think you need to read this book?
Honestly answer these questions:
  1. Have you recently thought about bankruptcy or debt consolidation as a solution to your problems?
  2. Do you worry about money?
  3. Do you and your signifcant other argue about money?
  4. When you think of purchasing something, do you automatically ask about financing options that are available?
  5. Do you carry a balance on at least one credit card? (store cards count!)
  6. Do you own automobiles that have a total value that is equal to or more than half your annual income?
  7. Do you have more debt than you care to think about?
  8. Do you assume that you'll always have a car payment?
  9. Do you spend money on unnecessary items (clothes, entertainment, eating out, and other silly things) each month rather than saving that money and using it for debt?
  10. Do you think living debt free is only for people who make a lot of money?
How many of those did you have to answer YES to?
And now these questions:
  1. Do you monitor your income and expenses on some sort of software program, spreadsheet or piece of paper?
  2. Do you know exactly how much debt you have?
  3. Do you pay extra on your debts each month?
  4. Are you teaching your children good money management skills?
  5. If you lost your job today, could you comfortably pay all of your bills for the next 6 months without relying on credit cards or loans?
  6. Do you have a plan for your retirement?
  7. Have you written down your financial goals?
  8. Do you know exactly how much is in all of your bank accounts right now, within $25.00? ok, so I may be a bit obsessive about that...
  9. Have you and your significant other had conversations about the amount of money coming in, the amount of money going out, expenses that can be cut, or where you want to be financially 5 years from now?
  10. Can you go a whole year without having to pay any late fees or charges on your bills?

How many of these questions did you have to answer NO to?