Wednesday, November 05, 2008

More Cash Available For Debt Payoff!

Entreprenuers are thinking of new businesses to start every hour of every day. Sometimes you can zone in one on idea, get your cash saved up to get it started, and get the whole family excited about it. Then when you sit down and try to determine how you will fit this new venture into your already-too-busy schedule, the idea dies.

After many weeks of discussion, soul searching, planning, thinking and praying, I believe Pool Boy's latest idea died tonight. While I was always supportive, there was a small part of me that didn't think this was the right thing for our family to do right now. We had everthing needed to make it successful, except for one important thing - TIME. Pool Boy finally realized this as well. This would not be a positive thing to bring into our lives right now.

Soooo...I mentioned above that we had cash saved up for this venture. Every penny Pool Boy made this summer was stashed away in a separate bank account for safe keeping. I think I know a good place for this money to go!