Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

We just arrived back home from Grandma I-I's funeral. It was an awesome weekend full of family memories, laughs, and a few tears here and there. Everyone one of her grandchildren were there, and all but two great-grandchildren were present. As I looked around the room, I got a chuckle out of the new generation of names in families these days. Boy have names changed. Here are some of Burdette and Evelyn's grandchildren's names: Arden, Aiden, Elise, Tucker, Brecken, Kailyn, Elias, Jakin, Trey, Lysha, Jade, Jake, just to name a few. VERY different from Burdette and Evelyn.


  • Family, of course. We had a great time visiting with everyone.
  • Awesome hotel accommodations, with a slide even in the pool. Kids were in HEAVEN!
  • My kids were excellent, and were not at all scared about being in the same room with a casket with their Grandma I-I in view. They seemed somewhat interested in the whole thing.
  • Lots of good food. YUM!
  • I couldn't find any lip balm last night before we went to bed last night at the hotel room, so DH ran to Target for me. Awwwwwww, ain't that sweet.
  • My post-surgery foot took a beating today. But I hung in there and took one for the team.
  • The boys hated all the food that was provided this weekend. But that's ok, but I certainly don't exect people to cater to their picky needs. Thank heavens that there was always a McDonalds within a few miles of where we were.
  • Something that must remain between me and my husband. We ranted about it all the way home, but alas, it must remain between us. Ya know, just in case this blogs gets into the wrong hands...