Friday, December 08, 2006


When it comes to the Internets, I'm severely impatient.

Click, click, click, DAMMIT. Jump over to FireFox, does it work there? YES, then back to IE. Still not working there. But FireFox tells me it will be NaN minutes for my download to complete. Nan? Is this download coming from Texas, or worse yet, Oklahoma? If I was on IE it wouldn't have to download it.

Click, click, click, click. STOP. REFRESH. Click. SOB! Damn Internet. DH, go reboot the router. I'll reboot the laptop. Waiting, waiting, waiting, clicking to early, waiting. Let's just shut the whole house down and start everything up again. DAMN. Throw laptop out the window. Stand there like I'm lost. Run out and get it, thinking surely it's online by now. Crap.

Get it back online. Now I'm waiting NaN minutes.