Thursday, March 15, 2007

Ten Things

Ok, so I don't have some amazing post for you today but here are a few things that I can throw at you:

1. I bought the book The Secret and have started to read it. Seems, though, like I already had this book on my bookshelf under a different title - The Attractor Factor. While I believe that good things will happen if you think positive thoughts, I don't think it's because of some magnetic vibe. In my opinion, having positive thoughts puts you in more positive situations, helps people react positively to you, gives you better self-esteem, etc. But it's a "pretty" book so I'll finish reading it and it will stay on my shelf. Any comments from the audience?

2. Game On - finally. I was able to buy Hubs AENS stock for 82 cents per share. Quite a bargain if things go his way. But I've sold some of my stock already so now I need to find something else to buy. I might call "uncle" and go for AENS too. We'll see.

3. Another blogging baby has arrived. A BIG blogging baby. He's over here.

4. I have filled out an NCAA bracket. I have no idea why.

5. We are headed out for a very mini spring break trip tonight. We're not even leaving the state. But that's ok. We all need a break so we're getting the heck out of dodge!

6. I have showered, but I put my PJs back on. Yes, it's 12:30 and I'm still in my PJs.

7. Our dog is going with us tonight. I don't know 'bout that.

8. I don't have a number 8.

9. Am I to the bottom of the list yet?

10. Ahhhh....done.