Sunday, August 26, 2007

Why Not?

One of the things we are working to pay off is a HELOC (home equity line of credit). We bought our share of stupid things with that, and most of the balance is to pay for one item that is not returnable. But we know better now, and have not used the HELOC to pay for anything for well over a year. We hope to soon be rid of it all together.

While reading the paper this morning, I saw US Bank ad for a line of credit loan. The theme of the ad was "Why Not?" Here are the items they listed as being an excellent reason to get a HELOC:

Why not upping the carats on that anniversary gift?
Why not buy an autographed baseball?
Why not a convertible two seater stick shift that the kids can't drive?
Why not a second bathroom with a steam shower?
Why not buy a dog with a better pedigree than you have?
Why not a personal trainer?
Why not see all seven wonders of the world?
Why not environmentally safe toilets?
Why not Italian ceramic tiles?
Why not anything wonderfully techy?
Why not bring back your hairline?