Friday, August 29, 2008

Which Type Are You?

There are three types of people:
Those who make things happen
Those who watch things happen
Those who talk about what happened

Those who make things happen get involved. They make a difference in the world around them. If a problem arises, they fix it. If an opportunity presents itself, they jump on it. They are constantly reading and learning, all in order to better their life. Hard work and discipline lead this group to amazing wealth. They never have to worry about money, they are able to enjoy their family, and they are able to really the things that life has to offer. The happiest people, the most successful people, are THESE people.

Those who watch things happen are in the middle. They see what the “doers” are doing and think it’s great, but don’t step up to the plate to do any of those things themselves. They are always following in the footsteps of someone else. If an opportunity arises, they are skeptical and shy away from it. These people go with the flow and let life happen to them. They don’t make life work for them. They are “happy enough”.

And then there are those who do the talking. “I don’t make enough money.” “I’ll never get ahead.” “All the greedy people have the money” “I’d be successful if it weren’t for (fill in the blank)” “I’d have money if only the government would (fill in the blank).” “Nobody will give me a break.” “My boss doesn’t realize how valuable I am.” “I don’t know how they got out of debt. Someone must have given them a bunch of money.” This is the most vocal group, as they are the gossipers, whiners, and complainers.

Everyone of us belongs in that first group. We’re not all there yet so make that your goal. Don’t sit back and wait to see what life presents to you. Go make the life that you want to have.